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We have over 45 years filing thousands of Hawaii income and GET returns. We have decades of experience with the Hawaii Tax Office and understand their rules and regulations. We know what they are looking for and the due dates for various Hawaii returns. 

Let us share our knowledge and experience to take away your stress. We will handle your Hawaii tax return compliance requirements. Just say the words "engage and go"!


Aloha! My name is Tabitha Mitchell and I am the owner of Hawaii Tax Filings LLC. I am a native Hawaiian and fifth generation transplanted Asian. I have over 25 years in  public accounting, am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Real Estate Broker (inactive from 2024), and fellow Hawaii property owner and investor for almost 20 years. I, along with other CPAs here, have the breadth of knowledge and personal experience to understand your situation.  I would love to hear about you! 

Let us assist you in navigating the complexity of Hawaii tax rules. We are here to guide you on your next steps whether to make a decision, to catch-up for tax compliance, or setting up your Hawaii business relating to real estate.